Dormant Spray Improves Fruit Tree Health

       Hi-Yield® Dormant Spray - 1 Quart | Ison's Nursery & Vineyard

       Most varieties of fruit trees should receive some level of care during the winter months. This is the time of year to prune your fruit trees and to apply a dormant spray treatment. A dormant spray is usually a combination of horticultural spray oil and a copper fungicide or lime-sulfur fungicide. Mixed with water, the spray oil smothers over-wintering insects and their eggs, such as aphids, mites, mealy bugs and many more. Copper is a fungicide, but also works as a bactericide. It controls a wide variety of fruit tree diseases such as leaf spot, scab, peach leaf curl, bacterial blight and others. Lime-sulfur controls many of the same diseases, but has an unpleasant odor, and is now only available in a large commercial size of concentrate. Dormant spray treatments and good pruning practices can help keep fruit tree problems to a minimum.                                                                       

        Remember to always read the product labels, follow all instructions and recommended mixing rates when using any spray concentrates. Do not mix copper and lime-sulfur fungicides together in the same sprayer. Horticultural oil and copper fungicides can be blended and applied in combination at recommended rates during the dormant spray season. Apply lime-sulfur separately from the oil. Dormant treatments can be applied now and until the buds break on your fruit trees, later this winter.

       Burns Feed Store has all the products needed to apply a winter dormant spray. Dormant spray oil and copper fungicide are available in organic and conventional forms. We have a variety of sprayer types and sizes to choose from too.  Protective eyewear and gloves are in stock. Our team can help you select the right products to apply an effective dormant spray safely. Stop in soon to pick up your supplies. Now is the time to apply this important treatment onto your fruit trees. 

Easter Egger

We’re so egg-sighting!!

Here at Burns Feed Store, we have over 70 different breeds of chicks, poults, and ducklings to choose from.

This year we have a newcomer coming in called the Easter Egger. While we are sad to not have the Ameraucana this year, the Easter egger will not disappoint you! These super adorable and friendly chickens actually come from the cross breeding of the Ameraucana or Araucana with other breeds. This resulted in the Easter Egger laying multiple colored eggs. Who wouldn’t want to have fun colored eggs to pick up everyday?

If you want to learn more about this fun chicken, come into Burns Feed Store and talk to our amazing chick lady, Fran. She will be back to work in February. 

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Goat Treats

Do you or your neighbor still have that Christmas tree hanging around?

Do you have goats or know someone who does?

Goats LOVE to eat the needles off of the Christmas trees.

Already ditched the tree? No worries, Burns Feed Store carries a variety of treats that goats love for a snack.

Stop in to see our selections!