Bronze and White Breasted Turkeys

The Broad Breasted White  Turkey is the most commonly used turkey for meat production. Used by large commercial growers as well as back yard growers. They are known for their fast growth rate and great feed conversion, they also have a cleaner appearance when dressed due to their all white  feathering. They also have a shorter lifespan than the heritage breeds as they are primarily bred for meat production.

At 17 weeks:

Tom – 33lbs

Hen – 22lbs

The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is one of the largest and heaviest turkey varieties. These fast-growing, stately lords of the barnyard must be seen to be appreciated. Their feathers have a metallic sheen that changes from copper, to bronze, to burnished gold as the light moves across them. Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are ideal to raise for meat production, have an excellent feed conversion ratio, and make the perfect traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner.