Beef Cattle Supplements at Burns Feed Store

Beef cattle should always be offered salt and a nutritional supplement to balance their forage diet. This time of year, when green grass is non-existent, the nutritional value of hay diets can vary from excellent to very poor. Cattle need proper supplementation depending on the nutritional quality of the forage (hay) they are being fed.

Burns Feed Store offers the following beef cattle supplements necessary to balance their nutritional requirements.

Sweetlix: 3-in-1 pressed block 40#
Mol-Mag pressed block 40#
Bloat Guard pressed block 40#

Purina: 12:12 complete loose minerals 50#
Hi-Mag loose minerals 50#
Protein block 33.3#
Accuration tub 200#
Availa 4 tub 225#
Hi-Mag tub 250#

Some supplements contain added salt and some don’t. Check product labels to determine if additional salt needs to be made available.