Benefits of Feeding Flaxseed

Benefits of Feeding Your Horse FlaxSeed As a Supplement

Better Digestion
Flaxseeds are very high in soluble fiber, which helps keep food moving through the digestive tract. This makes it a very good reason to feed flax to horses prone to colic. Flaxseed is nature’s way of dealing with sand colic, constipation or loose manure.

Healthy Skin and Coat
Flaxseed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for the skin and coat. This is because the fatty acids in the seed combat skin problems which can lead to a dull coat. Issues such as dry skin, sweet itch and other allergy conditions. Also great for dandruff in mane and tails. Your horse may also be less susceptible to fungal infections like girth itch and ringworm. After a few weeks on flaxseed, you’ll likely notice that your horse’s coat will begin to bloom.

Joints and Stiffness
Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for reducing inflammation. This can be very beneficial to horses with arthritis or horses who tend to become stiff after a workout.

Metabolic Disorders or Laminitis
Flaxseed will boost the immune system and can help regulate thyroid function, making it an ideal supplement for metabolic horses as well as aging horses. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help mitigate arthritis, aid in glucose metabolism and reduce blood sugar spikes.

Flaxseed overall can be a great supplement for horses of all ages or disciplines. Sold in whole flaxseed, oil or ground also known as linseed meal. Burns Feed Store carries whole flaxseed in 10lb or 50lb bags. Linseed meal is sold in 5lb or 50lb bags. We also are carrying Horse Guard’s Flaxen Flow a 100% flaxseed oil, and the very popular Fix Horse Treats!