Burns Feed Store Has What You Need To Feed Wild Birds In The Fall


Fall is a great time to feed the wild birds. Many birds begin their winter food forages as early as late summer. By catering to their needs as soon as possible, you are sure to have an active bird feeder all winter long. If you do it the right way you can attract several different kinds of birds, resident birds and migrating birds. Feeding birds in the fall does not prevent migration, in fact in can help. Migrating birds require lots of energy, so feeding them can help and can also help the ones that are here storing up the energy they will need for their long journey. Yes, there will be other sources for birds to feed on such as berries, fruits, grains and seeds but they will still come to you to find food! Another good reason to feed through the fall is to attract the first winter bird species and encourage them to remain nearby all season.

Now you might be wondering what is the best thing to feed the birds this time of year. Black oil sunflower seeds, white millet, thistle, suet, nuts, cracked corn and nectar will give them lots of energy and help store fat to get them through the winter or get them all the nutrition they need for migration.

Another way to attract birds to your backyard this time of year is water. Sometimes water is harder to come by this time of year than food. Keep larger summer bird baths available throughout early fall when more birds may be using the bath. This is particularly useful if migratory flocks descend on the bath, and even a large bath may be emptied quickly when multiple birds are bathing. Make sure the bird baths are away from large trees that may have falling leaves or needles. Fallen leaves decay quickly and can contaminate the water, making it less palatable to birds. If leaves do fill the bath, they should be removed quickly.

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