Burns Feed Store’s Traeger Grill Cleaning Tips

Traeger Grill Cleaning Tips

Maybe the easiest tip to keeping your Traeger running at a steady temperature is cleaning it on a regular basis. Now what does on a regular basis mean? What I have learned over the past 13 years of running a Traeger I like to tell people when your dip tray tin foil looks dirty it’s time for a good cleaning. It also really depends on what you like to cook as well. If you’re going to do a brisket or a pork shoulder on a 12 to 20 hour cook, I would clean it before the next cook. If you’re doing hot dogs and burgers, chicken or maybe a few steaks you might get away with every 4 to 5 cooks. Remember, if your fire pot is really built up with ash from pellet dust, this will block the air flow in the firepot and create a drop in temperature. Also another good tip is to take a look at the pellets and if they start to look a lighter color they may have drawn some moisture which will cause them not to burn as clean and have more ash in the firepot and barrel of your grill.

Remember, the more you use your grill the more often you need to clean it. With that said, if you only use your Traeger a few times a month, remove the pellets from the hopper to a dry place like the pantry or a sealed container to keep them fresh.

Just a few tips from the Pro to keep your Traeger running smooth all year long!

Happy Traegerin’