Scratch and Peck Feed!

Now stocking!! Come in and check out our large selection of their feeds and treats.

Some of the products we carry include: Organic Starter, Naturally Free Organic Grower, Organic Layer, Organic 3-Grain Scratch, Organic Cracked Corn, Oyster Shell, Chick Grit, Layer Grit, Grower Grit, Cluckin’ Good Grubs, Cluckin’ Good Herbs and Organic Coop Confetti.

Scratch and Peck is a family owned and operated company located in the PNW. They produce animal feeds that are soy free, certified organic, non-GMO product verified, whole grain (not pelletized) and raw. They currently produce feeds for chickens, turkeys, pigs and goats, plus a full line of organic grains, poultry supplements and poultry treats.

They are passionate about producing the highest quality feeds on the market. Many of their customers care deeply about the sources of their food which is one reason they raise their own meat and eggs. They believe, as Scratch and Peck does, that “you are what your animals eat”.

They are unique in the feed industry and here is why:

-They are the first American company to obtain both Non-GMO product verified and certified organic on all their feeds and grains.

-Their fresh grains are raw, whole or cracked, rather than heat processed into pellets. They do not use any grain screenings or any other type of fillers in their feed.

-All of their feeds are soy free and the Naturally free line is also corn free.

-Due to the whole grain formulation and natural enzymes, all of their feeds can be fermented, allowing customers to feed their animals much less and give their animals a significant increase in nutrition.

-They buy directly from local growers  in the PNW rather than purchase from grains through the worldwide commodity market.

-They are Animal Welfare Approved and B Corporation Certified (triple bottom line-financial, social, and environmental).

Why Whole Grains vs Pelletized

Conventional and organic feeds are usually ground, heated to high temps, and extruded. Scratch and Peck is minimally processed, never cooked or formed into pellets. They add probiotics and enzymes to their feed for optimal absorption of nutrients. Their feed offers nutrient density, and is easily fermented as well.