Daily Dewormers for Horses

Daily dewormers are designed to be given every day to prevent regular new parasites in horses.

Before starting a daily dewormer, manufactures recommend dosing a horse with a paste dewormer such as ivermectin or moxidectin to purge any existing larval and adult stages of worms.

By using approved anthelmintic used in daily dewormers- pyrantal tartrate- feeding the daily dewormer makes it so any larvae that enter the horse via the mouth, then travel down the digestive track is coated and killed before they ever reach the digestive tract, never to reach a full life cycle.

Pyrantel tartrate works by attacking the neuromuscular  system of the parasite larvae. In essence, it paralyzes them and they are passed out of the horse via manure. Because the parasite are killed before they can migrate through the horse’s digestive system, they are not able to inflict serious damage.

Before you start a dewormer program contact your local vet, fecal testing is an inexpensive way to determine if your deworming plan is working.


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