Dental Health for Dogs

The dental health of a dog is something dog owners should pay attention to in order to make sure their dog’s health is as optimal as it can be.  Sometimes, dental health is overlooked and forgotten about, as eighty-five percent of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years of age. Dental disease can result in bad breath, painful chewing and tooth loss.  The bacteria under the gum can travel to the heart, kidneys and liver and create more health issues.

If the plaque and tarter build up gets too bad, a professional dental cleaning is required to remove it from a pet’s teeth and to assess the health of the mouth.  The only way this can be done is to put the dog under anesthesia.  This can be an expensive vet visit that can be avoided with the proper at home care.

There are many ways you can help your pet at home.

Just as with people, daily brushing can help remove food particles from between your pet’s teeth. You can purchase multiple types of toothbrushes and toothpastes. Human toothpastes should be avoided because they contain ingredients that should not be swallowed by your pet.

If brushing is not a good option, there are many foams and gels that can be applied to dogs teeth that will breakdown the plaque and tarter. There are also products that can put into your pets water which can be used as an easy solution to dental care for the dogs.

Proper dental treats can also help as the grinding and scraping action of chewing can keep plaque and tarter to a minimum.

Using some or all of these products will help us assist our dogs to have the best oral health they can have.

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