Ear Care For Your Pets

Ear Care In Pets


One of the many tasks we have to deal with when taking care of our pets is ear care. When owners take care of their pets ears, the main goal is to prevent infections and reduce odor. Knowing what products are available and how they work is important for pet owners to know how to properly care for our pets ears.

There are both powdered and liquid formulas to help dry up and cleanse the ears of your pets.

The most common ingredient in ear cleansing products is isopropyl alcohol, which aids in drying the ear.  A drier environment is thought to provide less opportunity for bacteria, yeast or fungus to grow, helping to prevent infections.  However, if the ears are already red and sore, this alcohol can sting, leaving the pet in pain and making them weary the next time it is time for ear maintenance.

There are also natural formulas that can be found, consisting of ingredients like apple cider vinegar, chamomile, tea tree oil and marigold.  These natural products are non-stinging, alcohol-free formulas meant to prevent itchy, smelly ears and wax buildup.

There are many different brands and formulations that can all help in assisting with ear cleaning, so come into Burns Feed Store and ask us to help with your specific situation.

Another factor to think of when dealing with animals who have ear issues, is what is causing those issues. Some breeds of dogs naturally have build up in their ears and have chronic problems.  A large number of animals  however have ear issues due to yeast build up that is caused by food allergies.

It can be difficult to pinpoint what is causing ear issues, but if you are having a continued battle with ear issues and are continuing to use ear medicine only to have the issue arise again, come talk to someone here at Burns Feed Store about the current diet your animal is on and how that could be causing specific food allergies in your pets!