Employee Pet Spotlight- MIKEY

Help your horse make a great first impression. Farnam Laser Sheen Skin & Coat Supplement is a blend of extruded soybean meal,  ground flax seed, stabilized rice bran and high-quality amino acids that delivers stunning shine and supple skin. It also helps strengthen hair.  Feed it year-round and watch your horse bloom!

This brings us to our “Employee Pet Spotlight”! Meet Robin’s horse Mikey. He is a 4 year old registered Arabian gelding. Thanks to a lead from Sound Equine Options and help from their dedicated volunteers, Mikey was rescued  from a not so great situation. He is now flourishing with his new family and thanks to his supplement regimen.

Laser Sheen Skin and Coat can be purchased at Burns Feed Store in 3.75 lb and 7.5 lb sizes.