Equine Hydration, Keep Your Horse Happy and Hydrated!

Horses require ample water intake, with an average of up to 10 gallons per day, increasing for active horses and in hot conditions.  Keeping your trusty steed hydrated can be a tall order, but hey, water is the real MVP here! Just having water around is not the end game; sparkling clean water is the real deal. Horses turn their noses up at anything less, and who can blame them? Clean water equals happy, healthy horses. So, time to roll up those sleeves and give those buckets and troughs a spa day!  Especially during the hot weather, cleaning buckets daily will help algae, hard water stains and of course the general horsey mess (gotta love those hay dunkers 🙂 ) like hay and grain bits at bay. After a good scrubbing rinse, your bucket is ready to fill! Those big water troughs can be a little more time consuming, but again, a fresh and clean supply of water makes for a healthy and happy horse!  If you find yourself in a cleaning pickle and need a deep scrub session, fear not! A splash of dish soap will do wonders, just give it a couple of extra rinses. For those stubborn spots, a smidge of bleach (a mix of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach) will save the day. Let it work its magic for the suggested time, then rinse like there’s no tomorrow until it’s squeaky clean and bleach-free.  In the world of horse hydration, it’s not just about the H2O, folks! Sprinkle some free-choice salt in the mix to keep your trusty steed feeling refreshed and fabulous. But hey, let’s face it, some or our equine friends may need an extra nudge to beat the heat and keep their cool during these scorching days ahead. Enter stage left: our magical solution available at Burns Feed Store!

Purina RepleniMash

Available in 7lb and 25lb

A mash designed to support:

* HYDRATION: a palatable mash to nourish your horse and their digestive system!

Think hot summer days, horse shows days / long weekends!

*RECOVERY: Formulated to replenish the electrolytes sodium (Na), potassium (K), and chloride (Cl) lost through 30 minutes of continuous sweating.

*GASTRIC COMFORT: Contains Outlast® for gastric support.