Foaling Season!!

Equine foaling and breeding season is here! Burns Feed Store has the essentials in stock to help you survive this exciting and nerve raking time.

Are you in the process of breeding your mare? Make sure you are feeding and supplementing her correctly. In the first 6 months the foal grows very slowly, your mare needs no added calories. She does however need to have access to high quality feed. Burns Feed Store carries a number of different feeds that would suffice this time in her pregnancy. Northwest Horse Supplement makes an excellent supplement called Mare and Foal concentrate that can also be added to her feed regiment.

Is your mare about to foal? We carry everything you will need to prepare your stable for her impending foaling; Straw, Mare and Foal feed, Iodine spray, vaccinations, vet wrap for tail, and many other items to add to your foaling kit.

Has your mare already foaled? Feed your momma horse well. She will be providing all the nutrients for her newborn foal. High quality roughage and grain should be provided at this time. A mare and foal specific grain would best benefit her such as Purina Ultium Growth, Purina Omolene 300 and LMF Development G.

Our store also has items you will need for your growing foal including; Fly masks, Little Giant Foal Feeder, halters, vaccinations and dewormers.