Garden Protection Products at Burns Feed Store



The gardens we planted this spring are growing now and have begun to flower and bear fruit. A significant challenge to maintaining good growth and production is protecting the garden from invasive, destructive wild animals. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoon, mice and many other wild animals enjoy eating our garden’s bounty as much as we do! Unfortunately, they can eat or damage a garden completely in a very short amount of time. There are a number of ways to protect a garden from this damage. Burns Feed Store carries many types of animal repellants and barriers that can protect a garden. Repellants can be either scent or taste based. Some will smell as though a predator animal is present, while others produce a foul, irritating smell to the problem animal. Taste based repellants can produce a “hot” taste, (like cayenne pepper), or have an off putting flavor that inhibits feeding. Some brands we carry are: Shake-Away, Liquid Fence, Bonide Go Away and Bonide Repels All. Burns Feed Store also has bird and deer netting, welded wire, poultry wire, and deer fencing to use to form a protective barrier around and over your gardens. Please stop in and let us help you choose the appropriate means of stopping invasive animals from damaging your garden.