Goat Nutrition

A goat’s nutritional requirements depends on a lot of different things:

Life Stage


Available Forages

Weather Conditions

Production Goals

Parasite Load

In addition to high quality hay like alfalfa or orchard grass hays that we sell, we also offer the following grain and mineral supplements to help meet the nutritional requirements of goats.



Purina Goat Chow: Protein 16%, Fat 2.50%, Salt 1.25%

Purina Dairy Goat Parlor: Protein 16%, Fat 3.00%, Salt 0.75%

Purina Goat Grower R20: Protein 16%, Fat 2.00%, Salt 1.00%

Payback Boer Goat Developer R20: Protein 17%, Fat 2.50%, Salt 0.75%

Payback Champion Goat R20: Protein 18%, Fat 5.00%, Salt 1.25%


Blocks and Minerals:

Purina Sheep and Goat Block: Protein 20%, Fat 1.00%, Salt 14.00%

Purina Goat Block: Protein 18%, Fat 2.00%, Salt 12.00%

Purina Goat Mineral: Salt 32.50%

Now Introducing………… Payback Goat Tender With Kelp!

An economical product for goats that don’t require a high level of nutritional supplement.

Payback Goat Tender: Protein 14.00%, Fat 2.0%, Salt >1.00%