Grass Seeding Season

Over-seeding an existing lawn, or seeding a new lawn is relatively easy when one follows the right steps. Grass germinates quickly and becomes well established in a short amount of time here in the Pacific N.W. The things to consider when starting a grass seeding project are: site limitations (sunny? shady? drainage? slope?), selection of seed type, soil preparation, soil amendments and fertilizer, top dressing material, tools and equipment,  and water requirements of the seed at this site. One must decide the proper time to start the job to insure success. Ideally, lawns (or pastures) should be seeded from about mid-April to mid-June depending on weather conditions. Seeding grass can be started once air temperatures are around 60F regularly during the day, and when there is little to no chance of freezing temperatures at night.

Burns Feed Store carries all of the seed types, soil amendments, tools, and many of other products you will need to complete the seeding project. We have the Protime brand premium lawn seed for sun, shade and sun, play areas, a supreme blend, plus a few other seed blends to offer you depending on your need. All seed blends can turn into top quality turf when planted properly and cared for consistently. Burns Feed has several composts, soils, soil conditioners, and composted manures, all in bags, to use for amending the soil. Seed starting fertilizer, lime, and gypsum are available too. We carry peat moss and a grass mulch to top dress the seed after planting. Burns Feed has fertilizer/seed spreaders, wheelbarrows, long handled tools, landscape rakes, work gloves, and many other items for sale that you may need to complete the seeding job. Grass mulch spreaders, lawn rollers, and over-the-shoulder seed spreaders are available for use when you buy your products from us.

Come into Burns Feed Store when you are ready to start your grass seeding project. We can provide step by step instructions, along with the proper seed, supplies, and tools necessary to complete your seeding job, and grow a beautiful lawn successfully.