Grass Tetany

Grass Tetany in cattle can be a springtime problem here in Western Oregon and Washington.  The cool season grasses grow so fast that Magnesium (a required mineral) doesn’t develop in the tender grass shoots and therefore is deficient in the diet of grazing cattle.  Magnesium deficiency causes Grass Tetany which can be fatal.


Magnesium supplementation for cattle on springtime grass pastures is a must.  We have the following 3 main supplement forms here at Burns Feed Store.


Loose Mineral:             Purina Wind & Rain Storm NW Hi Mag 4 Complete 50 lbs.


Mineral Block:              Sweetlix Mol-Mag pressed Block 40 lbs.


Mineral Tub:                 Purina Rangeland Hi Mag Tub 250 lbs.


Each of these products provide full daily requirements of vitamins,

minerals and salt.  No additional salt is required.


It is recommended that Magnesium supplementation begin before

Spring grasses begin their growth spurt.