Help your dog beat the back to school blues

1. Keep morning departures simple. When it’s time for the kids to leave for school in the morning, don’t make a big deal of it. We can be tempted to shower our dogs in kisses and hugs as we’re heading out the door, but she’ll do better if you say a quick goodbye and then leave.

2. Take your dog for a walk. If time permits, maybe one of the kids can walk her before leaving for school. If not, do it yourself before you get your day started. A little exercise helps your dog burn off energy and will also reduce stress.

3. Establish a routine. Dogs are creatures of habit, and your mutt will feel much more secure if she knows what to expect in her day to day schedule. As much as possible, set a routine and stick to it. This includes feeding, potty breaks, play time, and more. It’ll be beneficial not just for your dog, but for the entire family.

4. Give your dog a special treat. Help her associate the kids being gone with something she loves, such as a special toy or treat. Give this to her only while your children are at school and she may even come to look forward to that time of day.

5. Encourage the kids to play with your dog as soon as they get home from school. Let them take 30 minutes to spend time with the dog and just relax before starting homework or after school chores. They need a few minutes of downtime, and your dog will be thrilled that her favorite playmates are finally home!

Come in today and find all sorts of treats and toys to help your dog beat boredom and anxiety.