How to keep your chickens cool in this hot weather

Let’s talk about ways you can keep your chickens cool in this hot weather.


  1. The first thing you can do is ice their water and/or put several trays of ice and water out for them. The ice in the water will of course help keep the water nice and cool for them. The trays of ice is great for two reasons. One is it will give them a supply of water and the second is they can put their feet in it, to help cool themselves down. Putting several trays around is a great idea so they are always near water. Make sure and keep the water in the shade if at all possible.
  2. Another fun trick you can do is to feed them frozen food. Some things chickens really enjoy are bananas, pineapples, watermelons or strawberries. Chop the fruit into small pieces, freeze them and then watch your birds go crazy for it!
  3. Give them as much shade as possible. This could be as simple as a tarp but the more shade the better for them.
  4. Another fun and great way to keep them cool is a sprinkler or a mister. You could even try a kid pool! Just make sure you have a small amount of water, just enough for them to splash around and keep cool.
  5. Make sure your coop has good ventilation. Keep the air moving. Another way to reduce temperatures is to install a fan in their coop and run it during the daytime. This will help keep the coop cool for when they go to roost at night. Another suggestion for the coop is to make sure your bedding is in a thin layer. If you have it to thick it will act as insulation.