Ice Melt – A Better Solution for Ice & Snow Than Salt

Cold weather is upon us, with freezing temperatures and ice or snow about to make an appearance in our area soon. A product we should all have on hand this time of year is Ice Melt. It can keep our driveways clear and walkways safe when applied correctly. Burns Feed Store carries the Salt Depot “Ice Heat” brand of Ice Melt in 20lb. and 50 lb. bags. Many people use rock salt to clear ice and snow from areas of foot and vehicle traffic around their home or business. Salt tends to be over applied, causing damage to concrete, asphalt, and vegetation. Ice Melt is safer to use than salt and is a better value when applied properly. Several reasons to use Ice Melt instead of rock salt:

-Lab tested

-Contains a non-staining blue dye for controlled application

-Melts down to -7 degrees F (-22 deg. C)

-More effective than rock salt

-Creates instant traction

-With proper application is not harmful to vegetation

-Safer for concrete

-Pet and environmentally friendly

-A 3% blend, naturally enhanced with Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium Chloride

-Renewable resource, 100% American made, a green company.

Stop by Burns Feed Store and pick up a few bags of the “Ice Heat” brand of Ice Melt. Be prepared for winter weather when it occur.  A 20 lb. bag of Ice Melt, #10334 is $9.99 ea.; a 50 lb. bag, #10333 is $15.99 each. Apply at a manufacturer recommended rate of 10-12 lb. of Ice Melt per 1000 square feet. of surface area. Provide a safe, ice and snow free environment for your family, friends, clients, and stretch your dollars by using Ice Melt.