Moss Control is BEST in early spring



Moss can be a significant problem for many of us in Oregon. Moss can invade our lawns, smother flowerbeds, and take over roofs, sidewalks, decks, and driveways when left unchecked. It prefers to grow in areas of ample moisture, shade, poor drainage, and on acidic soils and unclean surfaces. Burns Feed Store can help you overcome your moss problem. We carry products for lawn and landscape, and for roofs and other hard surfaces. Moss in the lawn and landscape can be killed by using products containing iron. These products can come in either a granular or a liquid form. Burns Feed has granular Moss Max in 20# bags and a generic iron sulfate in 50# bags for your lawn. We also carry liquid Moss Out in gallon size concentrate, or a Ready-to-Use Quart that you can apply to your lawn or in other areas of the landscape. These products work best when it’s cool and wet.

The moss on roofs, sidewalks, decks, and driveways can be treated with non-staining granular zinc or liquid ammoniated soap products. Burns Feed carries a Moss Out in 4# & 6# granular zinc form, and liquid Moss Out in 54oz. concentrate and 27oz. Ready-to-Use for most hard surfaces. We also have a generic powder zinc sulfate in 50# bags for extra-large jobs. Again, cool, wet weather is best for activating these products to kill moss on hard surfaces. Please, stop by soon and have a friendly Burns Feed Store employee help you select the appropriate product to eliminate your particular moss problem.