Moss Control in Wet Weather

Moss develops in our lawns and landscapes, and on our roofs and other hard surfaces around the home during the wet, dark months of winter. Moss will smother flowerbeds and choke out the grass in lawns. It can cover roofs, decks, sidewalks and driveways. It can eventually damage these surfaces and may present a “slip” hazard to people walking over these moss encrusted areas. Moss grows in areas of ample moisture, shade, poor drainage, and on acidic soils and unclean surfaces. Burns Feed Store (BFS) has a number of different products available to solve your particular moss problem.

Items containing iron are best to rid a lawn or landscape of moss. These are available in liquid and granular forms. BFS carries granular Moss Max in 20# bags and a generic iron sulfate in 50# bags for treating lawns. Moss Out in gallon size liquid concentrate or a ready to use hose-end quart are in stock too. This can be applied to the lawn or to other landscaped areas such as flower/shrub beds. All of these work best when it’s cool and wet. Apply a treatment the day before a good rain comes. The rain will dissolve and carry the moss killer into the mossy area. The moss will begin to turn brown or black in color indicating it has died.  A treated lawn may take on a blackish color too. This is temporary and won’t harm the grass because it does not respond to iron the same way as moss will.

Products used to kill moss on roofs, walks, driveways and hard surfaces are different. Moss in these areas should be treated with products containing granular zinc sulfate (a non-staining product) or a liquid with an ammoniated soap as the active ingredient. BFS has Moss Out granules for roofs and hard surfaces in 4# and 6# containers, plus a liquid Moss Out in a 54oz. concentrate and a 27oz. ready to use hose-end sprayer for use on most hard surfaces. A generic zinc sulfate in a 50# bag is available for large or multiple jobs. Apply these products at recommended rates shortly before rain. This will activate the product used, giving the best result. The moss will turn color to brown or black indicating it has died. The dead moss can then be easily removed from the treated surface.

Please stop by BFS and one of our friendly staff will help you select the appropriate product to eliminate your moss problems.