O’Keefe’s Skincare Products Available at Burns Feed Store




The cold, windy weather of winter causes many of us to develop dry, chapped, and cracked skin.       These problems can be very painful, persistent, and difficult to heal during this time of year. Burns Feed Store carries some highly effective products to provide relief to damaged skin. We have O’keeffe’s skincare products in stock to provide the healing care your skin needs. These products are Working Hands crème, Healthy Feet foot crème, Skin Repair body lotion, and Lip Repair lip balm.

Working Hands crème was originally developed by a pharmacist in Sisters, Oregon for her father, who suffered from severe skin problems due to diabetes. This original product, and all items in the   O’keeffe’s line are designed to instantly boost moisture levels in skin, create a protective barrier on the skin, and to help prevent moisture loss. We encourage you to stop in and pick up an O’keeffe’s product to heal any type of skin damage you may have. Burns Feed Store currently has Working Hands crème in the 3.4 oz. jar on sale now, and it comes with a free Lip Repair lip balm stick. Try O’keeffe’s, you’ll be happy with the results.