Purina Equine Supplements

Purina Equine Supplements: Science-backed supplements for targeted results

Purina supplements are formulated to provide targeted nutrition for a range of needs, from added fat for extra bloom on the performance horse to a well-balanced vitamin and mineral for the easy keeper on pasture. See how these supplements, made with unique, research-backed blends of ingredients, keep your horse performing their best. 


  • Calorically dense to support body condition, endurance and bloom
  • 30% fat from rice bran, flax seed and vegetable oils



  • Supports muscle development and increased exercise capacity
  • Supports muscle recovery after exercise to help horses bounce back faster



  • Supports gastric health and proper pH for optimal performance
  • Flexible feeding wither top-dressed or as a snack before stressful events


Enrich Plus

  • Protein, vitamin and mineral fortification to balance forage without unnecessary calories
  • Concentrated, low sugar and starch formula with low 1-2 lbs feeding rate


Free Balance 12:12

  • Provides 100% vitamin and mineral fortification to balance a forage only diet
  • Weather resistant, stable formula available in loose or block form