Thanksgiving Prep List

Thanksgiving Prep List

We’ve got you covered this Turkey Day with Traeger’s Thanksgiving Prep List. This step-by-step guide will ensure that everything is in place to easily serve your family wood-fired flavor this year.

Let’s start with the smoke itself. You’ll want to start your planning and prep with making sure to stock up on the right pellets for the different meals you’re creating. It’s always a safe idea to buy more pellets than you think you’ll need, because once Thanksgiving Day rolls around, you don’t want to be scrambling, looking to buy more pellets when all the stores are closed.




Moving on to grills. We’ve listed out our grills capacity to hold turkeys below, so that you can plan your cook accordingly. Looking to upgrade your grill for the big day, shop our entire selection here.

  • Timberline 1300:  With enough space to hold 6 turkeys, you can Traeger a feast to feed the whole neighborhood.
  • Timberline 850: This grill can hold up 4 turkeys, or easily take on a turkey and all your sides.
  • Pro Series 34: The larger of the Pro Series, this grill can tackle 4 birds at a time.
  • Pro Series 22: The 22 can grill two birds with one stone.
  • Tailgater: Small but mighty, this grill can handle a bird up to 15 lbs., or a larger bird if you spatchcock it.


  • Folding Front Shelf – Your grill needs a place to rest and so does your beer. Make sure they’re both covered.
  • Insulation Blanket – Does November bring colder temps to your backyard? Keep your grill temperatures high and burn through fewer pellets using one of our insulated grill blankets.
  • Full-Length Grill Cover – Protect your grill from the elements and keep it in tip-top shape.



It’s the little things…


Keep it clean, folks.

From pouring the pellets into the hopper to carving your turkey and serving up pie, make sure your Thanksgiving features flavor all day long.

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