The Chicks are HERE!!

Chicks are here! Chicks are here!


We carry a large variety of breeds of chickens. Throughout the chick season we will have the following breeds: Ameraucana, Ancona, Barred and Buff Rock, Silver and White Leghorn, Barred and Partridge Rock, Barnevelder, Black, Blue, Red Laced Blue, Golden Laced, Columbian and Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black and Blue Australorp, Black Maran Sex Link, Black Sex Link, Red Sex Link, Golden Sex Link, Blue Andalusian, Blue, Silver Laced and Golden Laced Cochin, Black and Blue Jersey Giant, Buckeye, Buff, Light and Dark Brahma, Buff Orpington, Copper and Cuckoo Maran, Delaware, Dominique,  Mottled Java, New Hampshire, Olive Egger, Rhode Island Red, Russian Orloff, Sicilian Buttercup, Speckled Sussex, Turken and Welsummer.


So many to choose from, you don’t know what breed to get. We can help. Fran is our chicken lady and loves to help people choose the right bird for you! Fran is here on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Below you will find some brief descriptions of the some of the “standard” breeds.


Australorps are a medium weight and are excellent egg layers. They are an ideal dual purpose bird and lay a large brown egg. They have an above average disposition and do average in the heat and excellent in the cold. The Australorps also have an above average disposition.

Sex-Links are a great large brown egg layer and are easy to raise, with good feed conversion ratio. They are above average in the heat and excellent in the cold. The Sex-Links are known to have an excellent disposition.

Orpingtons are well known for their ability to produce quality eggs and are known for above average egg production. They are know for production of quality meat. They also lay a large brown egg. They do above average in the heat and excellent in the cold. They have an average disposition.

Jersey Giants were originally created as a dual purpose breed. They are above average in egg production and excellent for meat. They lay a large brown egg and have an above average disposition. Mature weight of males are 13lbs and females are 10lbs.

The Marans are a medium size bird that are known for their very dark, chocolate brown eggs. They are an excellent egg layer and do above average in heat and excellent in cold. They also have an above average disposition.

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular breeds of chicken of all time because of their incredible ability to produce large volumes of large brown eggs. Their large frame and thick plumage allow Rhode Island Reds to thrive in colder climates and provide both eggs and meat.

Wyandottes are a friendly and calm breed as well as cold-hardy. They are excellent egg layers because they mature quickly. Wyandotte’s are distinctive because they have a rose comb that is fairly flat and has small rounded points. They lay a large brown egg.