There are a few practices a property owner or home gardener can follow when applying herbicides that will increase the treatments effectiveness and improve weed kill:

  • Always follow the chemical label mix rates. Measure the proper amount for the volume of water to be used. Too much herbicide and the weed’s foliage may be burned up before it can move to the root. The root will live and the weed re-sprouts. Too little and the treatment is ineffective.
  • Spray weeds or brush at a time the plants are actively growing. Herbicides will be absorbed and moved to the root in a quicker and more efficient manner. This is usually in the spring or fall.
  • Treat weeds and brush when temperatures are 60F to 80F degrees. As a general rule, a plants metabolism is most active in this temperature range. Herbicides are absorbed and move into weed’s root system more quickly when its metabolism is actively working.
  • Early morning weed killer treatments can work better. All plants respire at night through tiny pores on their leaves. These pores remain open for a bit early in the day and offer a route for the herbicide to move into the weed. An additional benefit of treating weeds early in the day is that there is generally less wind and this offers less chance of an off target application.
  • Use a surfactant to increase the effectiveness of the herbicide. A surfactant spreads the chemical evenly across the leaf surface and sticks it onto the leaf, making the treatment rain-fast. Most importantly, it helps the treatment penetrate into the weed, increasing uptake.

  Weed control treatments can vary in effectiveness due to the herbicide used, variety(s) of weed treated, time of year the treatment is applied, weather conditions, and type of sprayer used in the application. Some hard to control varieties of weeds and brush may require 2 herbicide treatments for a complete kill. Apply a 2nd treatment in 3-4 weeks after the first, if necessary.

  Burns Feed Store carries many of the herbicides, the surfactants, and the sprayers necessary for weed and brush control in our area. We can help you select the appropriate products for your weed control project.