Trace Minerals for Cattle



Kent Tjardes, PH.D., Field Cattle Consultant for Purina Mills, Inc. explains it this way:


Trace minerals are required for cattle for a variety of functions, including immunity, reproduction, growth and digestion.


Trace Minerals are found from both organic and inorganic sources, and include zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt.  Organic trace minerals for cattle are superior because they provide enhanced gut absorption and improved bioavailability.


Organic trace minerals are found in feedstuffs, but there are no guarantees cattle will get what they need from their forages alone.  Most standard minerals contain inorganic trace mineral sources, which have lower gut absorption.  Mineral formulations with organic trace minerals, like Purina Wind and Rain Storm Mineral with Availa 4, can help meet cattle needs.


Organic trace minerals for cattle are important to help support overall health, performance and reproduction.

Cows fed organic trace minerals can:

  • Produce healthy calves with strong immune systems
  • Produce optimal quality colostrum
  • Recover from calving quicker, return to estrous faster and get bred back sooner.


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