Weaning Beef Calves

Weaning  Beef  Calves


Weaning time can be very stressful for calves being weaned.  Bad things can happen.

Calves can:       Go off feed

Lose weight

Become sick


One way to help prevent these negative issues is to provide a weaning feed ration that calves will readily eat that combats the effects of stress.


Purina Stress Care 5 is such a ration for cattle being weaned or received into a new environment.  This pelletized feed is highly palatable, eliminates sorting, and provides a quality balanced diet when fed at a rate of 5 pounds per head per day.  Also provide good quality forage, minerals and free choice salt, along with clean, fresh water.


Purina Stress Care 5 50 lbs. bags are available at here at Burns Feed Store.  Purina Stress Tub  60 lbs. are also available on a special order basis.


Any time stress can be reduced or eliminated (both for you and your livestock) it will be a win-win situation.