Weaning Calves Made Easier at Burns Feed Store

Weaning some Calves this fall?


Tired of:  Stress on the calves?

Stress on the cows?

Days & nights of noisy bawling critters?

Stress on you?

The Solution:     QuietWean nose-flaps.

What:    QuietWean nose-flaps are plastic and re-useable.

When:    Put into calf’s nostrils prior to separating cows & calves at weaning.

How:       Nose-flaps are a physical barrier that prevents the calf from nursing.

Why:        Significantly reduces stress of separation at weaning that can lead to weight loss and    sickness.


Burns Feed Store sells QuietWean nose-flaps:  $3.99 each


Burns Feed Store also sells 2 Purina feed products which are recommended for calves at weaning:


  1. PreCon Stress Care 5. Feed for 21-28 days with free choice access to good quality forage (hay).
  2. Wind and Rain AVAILA4 mineral tub. This provides a palatable, wind & rain resistant, high quality mineral supplement.