Cold weather will make its annual appearance in the Portland/Metro area very soon. The cold not only affects us, but also our homes, pets, livestock, barns, water sources, and wildlife. Burns Feed Store carries many items that you can use to mitigate the effects of winter weather on the things you care about.

For You:  – rain gear; rubber boots; warm gloves; boot scrubbers and dryers; insulated, water-proof safety jackets; hand warmers; traction devices for footwear; hand cream and lip balm for chapped or cracked skin; de-icer for car windows and locks.

For the Home: – Ice melt for walk and driveway; stove pellets;  stove pipe and fittings; duct tape; faucet covers; “Freeze-Miser” faucet protector; pipe insulation; snow shovels; electric space heaters; fuel cans; kerosene fuel; electrical cords.

For Pets: – pet food; heated water bowls; heated pet beds and pads; dog coats; dog houses; pet beds and pillows; “Dirty Dogs” doormat runners, grooming mats, shammys, and cushions; pet toys and treats.

For Livestock: – heated buckets and tubs; livestock feed and feed supplements; stock tank deicers; heat bulbs and lamps; heated poultry waterers; horse blankets; bedding pellets; straw and shavings for bedding.

For Wildlife: – birdseed; suet; nectar for hummingbirds; squirrel, deer and wildlife feeds; feed blocks for birds and wildlife; bird feeders and waterers;  bird bath de-icer.