Yellow Jacket, Wasp, & Hornet Activity Very High

Yellow Jacket, Wasp, & Hornet Activity Very High


The long, dry spring followed by a hot summer, has contributed to very high populations and increased nesting activity of yellow jackets wasps and hornets this season. These stinging insects are opportunistic nesters. They will make nests in the ground, behind siding on a house, in old tree stumps and wood piles, in hollow pipes, up in trees, and any other place they can hide a nest and raise a brood safely.  This is an obvious nuisance that can cause us physical pain and much distress from their activity. Burns Feed Store can help you solve this insect problem several ways so you can enjoy the outdoors worry free.

Several sprays products from Enforcer and Spectracide are available at Burns Feed. They come as either a regular aerosol spray, or a spray foam. These products produce a jet spray that goes from 22’ to 27’, depending on the item. This can provide you some degree of protection by keeping a distance between you and the insects, or the nest, when applying the spray. Insecticidal dust is available and can be used to treat ground nests where sprays are ineffective.

Reusable yellow jacket traps from Rescue and Biocare are sold at Burns Feed Store too. They come with a month’s supply of bait. Bait refills for both brands are sold here as well. Rescue also makes a disposable yellow jacket trap that is pre-filled with bait and lasts 1-2 months. You may not know the type of stinging insect that is a problem where you live or work. If so, we carry the “W.H.Y.” (wasp,  hornet, yellow jacket)  for this situation. The reusable W.H.Y. trap can catch 20 different types of stinging insect. This trap also comes with an initial dose of bait, and bait refills are available.

There are some strategies that may help when using these products. Apply sprays or dusts after dark, if you know the nest location. All of these insects come back to their nests at dusk and do not fly after dark.  When setting out traps, place them about 25’-30’ away from where people are active. This can draw them away from you and to the trap. Lighting a citronella candle in a patio or picnic area will help keep stinging insects at bay, as it does with mosquitoes and other flying insect pests.

Come in and check out the different options we have for controlling stinging insect pests. Burns Feed Store employees can help you select the appropriate product(s) to solve your yellow jacket, wasp, or hornet problem safely and effectively.