Rats and Mice Causing Problems?

          Rodents are a nuisance throughout the year in the Portland-metro area. Fall is a particularly bad time of year for increased rodent activity around the home. Rats and mice are looking for food, such as seed around the bird feeder, or leftover feed pellets in the chicken pen. They also want warm, dry shelter. We find these pests invading our garages, homes, barns, sheds, and animal shelters at this time. Mice and rats will damage walls, insulation, home goods, animal feed and bedding, plus other costly items when sheltering for winter.  Rodents cause damage, but also carry fleas and disease, so it is important to address the infestation right away. Burns Feed Store can help you stop these pests.

          We offer many types of traps: snap traps, glue traps, EZ set traps, and others. Rodent repellants are available here too. When used correctly, a repellant can keep rats and mice away for weeks or months at a time. Many times it is easier to prevent rodent infestations, than to eradicate them. If a problem develops, Burns Feed Store has an array of effective brands of rat and mouse bait: Tomcat, Just One Bite, Ramik, and more. Some bait is in a pre-filled ready to use form. Other bait is in pelletized, chunk, or bar form. One is a liquid bait, and is quite effective. There is packaged, portioned baits that comes with a bait station, and can be filled and refilled. Some bait comes in industrial size packaging. Four and five pound buckets of pellets, bait chunks, or place packs that are good for large infestations or multiple placements. 

          Rat and mouse infestations can be difficult to eliminate. However, with the proper traps and/or bait, some good advice, and some patience and persistence from you, these pests can be eradicated. Stop by Burns Feed Store and we will help you select the proper means to help conquer your rodent problem.