GOPHERHAWK – An Effective Mole Removal Solution


The Gopherhawk gopher and mole trapping device is available and on sale now, at Burns Feed Store. Gopherhawk offers a natural, clean, and simple way to set and retrieve the trap without using a shovel. Its’ unique design provides a quick, non-invasive way to eliminate burrowing pests. This trap is made to intersect the mole or gophers tunnel vertically. Trap placement is easy, using the probe and wedge tool provided with the trap in the Gopherhawk Trapping Set. Find the burrowing animal’s tunnel using the probe. Open the hole with the wedge tool, and then place the trap, pulling up on it to set. It’s that easy! Burns Feed Store invites you to stop in and watch the brief demonstration video to introduce you to the ease of using a Gopherhawk trap. The trapping set is on sale now for $27.99 ea. The individual Gopherhawk traps are on sale and are only $21.99 ea. Replacement straps for the trap are in stock too, if you should ever need one. Buy a Gopherhawk to solve your mole or gopher problem quickly, cleanly, and easily!