Dormant Spray


Winter dormant spray is applied to fruit trees and many ornamentals as a clean-up treatment for over-wintering insects and diseases. This application is done after leaf drop, when plants go into winter dormancy. It is usually a combination of horticultural dormant oil and a copper fungicide that is applied. Dormant spray helps prevent the establishment of insects and diseases such as aphids, mite, leaf spot, and mildew. Trees and shrubs that have received a dormant treatment will generally be healthier, and less prone to insect infestation and damage during the following growing season.

The dormant oil works by smothering insects and their eggs. Copper is a fungicide and a bactericide that kills fungal spores and bacteria left on the plant. The combination of oil and copper should be applied to all parts of the tree or shrub.

Burns Feed Store carries the spray concentrates necessary for applying either a standard or organic dormant spray treatment. A variety of sprayers that are appropriate for applying winter dormant sprays are in stock. An informational hand out with recommended product mixing rates is available, if needed too. Have healthier ornamentals, and fruit trees by applying a winter dormant spray treatment to these plants.