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Flea Control For Your Dog and Cat

Fleas can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning a pet. They can aggravate both you and your pet – dog fleas and cat fleas can and will bite people as well, and flea bites can become itchy and uncomfortable.
Fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with the fleas, both preventative measures to help keep the flea population at bay, as well as ways to combat the population that may already exist.
The first product to help with fleas, and arguably the most important, is to keep up to date on “monthly”, continuous treatments. You can use a topical drop like Advantage, Adventure Plus, Frontline or ZoGuard. You can also use a flea collar like Seresto.

It is important to know how these products work. Once they are put on, the chemicals from the product are dispersed over the body through the natural oils on your pets’ skin. Once a flea gets on your pet, they come in contact with the product and they are killed. These products will also kill flea larvae and flea eggs.
Lastly, you can use a monthly ingestible option. Burns Feed Store carries CapShield Maxx which is a pill you can give monthly that will kill fleas within 30 minutes, then an IGR (insect growth regulator) will stay in the bloodstream of the dog for 30 days and will control the fleas for the rest of the month. After the first day, any new flea to land on the dog and takes a blood feed will not fully reproduce, thus ENDING THE FLEA LIFE-CYCLE.
These are all products that will do a good job of protecting your pets from fleas on a consistent basis.
With that said, sometimes more steps need to be taken to get control of the flea population. The flea drops and collars work well, but if the flea population is large, fleas will continue to get on your pets and will be able to bite before the chemicals kill them. Luckily, there are other products that can be used to help kill the fleas and their larvae and eggs before they get onto your animals.
Some of those products include foggers, to be used inside specific rooms of a home. Foggers will kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs. There are also sprays that are labeled to be used inside the home that will also kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs.
Sometimes, the biggest problem is found outside the home in the yard. Burns Feed Store has products that can be used to kill the adult fleas, larvae and eggs that could be growing in population there as well.
The best advice we can give is to stay up to date on your “monthly”, continuous flea control that is put directly on your dog or cat. Then if flea numbers seem to be high, take an aggressive approach and treat the house for fleas as well as the lawn.
Fleas can be extremely annoying, but with the proper applications, used in the correct ways, you and your pets will be flea free and happy!

Gozney ARC XL Pizza Oven

What’s NEW at Burns Feed Store? It’s a pizza-perfection!

Introducing the world’s most advanced compact oven.  The Arc XL brings Gozney’s renowned design ethos into a sleek form that’s compact outside yet big on cooking space inside. An innovative lateral rolling flame and revolutionary burner replicates the flame of traditional wood-fired ovens, distributing heat evenly and consistently—so you can spend less time turning pizza and more time making memories. Plus, Arc’s intuitive flame control makes it easy to create restaurant-quality 16” pizza in 60s or less, making it the go-to for our world-famous Pizza Collective. 

With the Arc by your side, whipping up legendary pizzas in your dream outdoor kitchen has never been more of a breeze!

Oven external dimensions: Width 530mm (20.9″) x Depth 629mm (24.8″) x Height 342mm (13.5″)

Oven internal dimensions: Width 427mm (16.8”) x Depth 517mm (20.3”) x Height 173mm (6.8”)

Door Size: Width 427mm (16.8”) x Height 95mm (3.8”)

Weight:26.5 Kg/58.5 Ibs(33kg/73lbs in packaging)

What’s in the box

Everything you need to get started:

Arc XL Outdoor Oven


1.2m Gas Hose & Regulator

Burner Guard

Flue Outlet

Stone Adjustment Tool

Torx Screw Driver

Matchstick Holder


5 Year Warranty

The Arc XL is crafted to stand the test of time with top-notch pro materials. Register your product within 60 days of purchase and benefit from an extended 5 year warranty. Our 1 year warranty comes as standard.

No matter how you slice it, the Arc XL is your ticket to completing the circle of life! But hold up…do you knead dough? Well, get ready for a fantastic addition to your pizza-making escapades with GOZNEY pizza dough!! Now up for grabs at Burns Feed Store in these classic pizza styles:



New York

Pizza making accessories? We’ve got them! Stop on by Burns Feed Store and let us help you level up your own slice of life!


Cattle Mineral and Fly Control, All In One!

With spring blooming in, so does the threat of grass tetany lurking around the corner. Cows find themselves in a high-stakes game of dodging grass tetany during this season, especially when the scene is set with overcast skies, chilly soil, and a buffet of rapidly sprouting cool-season grasses.

To the rescue comes Purina® Wind and Rain® Hi-Mag Mineral w/Altosid, swooping in to save the day by battling those sneaky magnesium shortages. Start offering this magical mineral 2-3 weeks before your cattle dive into the lush green goodness, ensuring they get their daily dose before the danger zone hits. Keep the mineral feast going for 60 days after the grass starts its growth spurt for maximum protection. Also, sprinkled with the the magic of Altosid Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) is an effective, economical and convenient way to control horn flies on pasture. When cattle consume mineral containing Altosid IGR it passes through the animal and into fresh manure where horn flies lay their eggs. The Altosid IGR breaks the horn fly life cycle by preventing pupae from developing into biting adult flies. The result? A reduction in horn fly populations to better support herd health and performance, resulting in more profit potential for you.

Available now at Burns Feed Store is the Purina Wind and Rain Mineral Tub w/Altosid! This is a 225# Tub with 14 essential minerals, high magnesium, fly control and weather resistant! All of this in one tub!! Effective ~ Economical ~ Convenient!

Popcorn Made Your Way

Grab your kernels and get ready to pop the day away!🍿Whether you like it buttery, cheesy, or caramelized, let’s celebrate the crunchy goodness together. Keep it simple or spice it up, Burns Feed Store has so many new options from Amish Country Popcorn. Let’s start things off by choosing your desired kernel.
We stock a variety of sizes and types such as Blue Popcorn, Baby White Hulless, Rainbow, Red, Ladyfinger…..the list goes on! Are you ready to experiment with some new seasonings and drizzles? Well here ya go:Say hello to popcorn dust – it’s like fairy dust but for your popcorn. Enhance the flavor of your freshly popped popcorn with a sprinkle of this magic. And guess what? It’s not just for popcorn! Sprinkle it on your favorite foods to unlock even more delicious flavors!

Popcorn really is an American Tradition and we are here to help keep this tradition popping! Stop on by today and check out the variety of options that there is to choose from!

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