New Duck Breeds 2019

If you’re hoping to add some spice to your flock, good news, we have new duck breeds coming in this year.

Golden 300 Hybrid 

This breed was developed in 1996 to produce larger eggs, and more often. These calm, social ducks have a quiet demeanor and are rarely broody. The eggs they lay are 80% of the time white but some hens will lay blue eggs.


Silver Apple Yard

Described as a lighter colored mallard, these ducks grow very rapidly, lay well and make a great domestic pet. These ducks are used for both meat and egg production. They can easily grow a clutch of 10-12 eggs.



The Duclair duck is very calm in nature and very easy to tame. They are considered a good duck for the beginners and they’re very good as pets. They are good egg layers, laying about 80-100 blueish-green eggs a year. They are excellent foragers, feasting on any insects but their favorites are slugs and snails.