Vaccinating Goats Against Enterotoxemia and Tetanus

Generally it is advised that goats are vaccinated against overeating disease (enterotoxemia) and Tetanus.  Both of these diseases are caused by clostridal bacteria present in the animal’s environment. Vaccinating for these diseases provide protection and are considered part of herd preventive and decrease cost because one vaccine is considered to provide protection for both diseases.

There are many different signs associated with over eating disease. Goats can be found dead. Other signs include being down, and/or having neurological signs. These can include twitching, star gazing, teeth grinding, fever, swollen stomach, diarrhea with blood, convulsions and death within a few hours.

Signs of tetanus include stiff muscles, spasms, flared nostrils, erect/stiff ears  and elevated tail. In addition , the affected animals have a difficult time opening their mouths, so the term lock jaw has been given to the disease. Animals can be hyper-responsive to stimuli. Eventually animals go down and die.

The vaccine that should be given is a C-D-T or a 3-way. Clostridium Perfringens Types C and D plus Tetanus Toxoid (labeled for goats)

Give the vaccine in the sub-cutaneous in the neck, pinch loose skin between your thumb and index finger high on the neck, as close to the head as possible. Or it can be given behind the front leg in the armpit area, or between the chest and a front leg.


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