New Breeds of Geese

We have new breeds of geese coming in 2019!

Buff Saddle Back Pomeranian 

Pomeranian Geese average 16 pounds in weight and lay about 70 eggs a season although some varieties may produce less. They have flattened heads, stout necks, prominent breasts, rounded bodies and what has been described as an “arrogant” bearing. They make good watch birds as they tend to greet visitors noisily.

Grey Saddle Back Pomeranian 

The Pomeranian is a medium weight breed which originated in Germany. They are a fine meat bird and are also a fair producer of white eggs. They have a unique feather coloring pattern and have a reddish/pink bill, orange/red legs and orange/red feet.


In addition to these new breeds will continue to sell African, Buff, Embden, Toulouse and White Chinese.