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Popcorn Made Your Way

Grab your kernels and get ready to pop the day away!🍿Whether you like it buttery, cheesy, or caramelized, let’s celebrate the crunchy goodness together. Keep it simple or spice it up, Burns Feed Store has so many new options from Amish Country Popcorn. Let’s start things off by choosing your desired kernel.
We stock a variety of sizes and types such as Blue Popcorn, Baby White Hulless, Rainbow, Red, Ladyfinger…..the list goes on! Are you ready to experiment with some new seasonings and drizzles? Well here ya go:Say hello to popcorn dust – it’s like fairy dust but for your popcorn. Enhance the flavor of your freshly popped popcorn with a sprinkle of this magic. And guess what? It’s not just for popcorn! Sprinkle it on your favorite foods to unlock even more delicious flavors!

Popcorn really is an American Tradition and we are here to help keep this tradition popping! Stop on by today and check out the variety of options that there is to choose from!