Traeger Grilling in the Cold Weather

If you aren’t already a die hard Traegerite, tis’ the season to put your Traeger to the test. Fire it up, even in the winter!  Here are some winter grilling tips.

* Protect your Traeger from the elements while not in use with a grill cover.

* Clear off your grill, having snow or ice on the grill when cooking will only inhibit the heat from being conserved, snow isn’t insulation.

* In the winter, the grill may take longer to heat up. Keep your grill closed as much as possible to help conserve heat.

* Pellet fuels burn much quicker in temperatures below 35 degrees. You can use an insulation blanket cover to conserve pellet consumption.

* Meats might take longer to cook in colder temperatures, use a remote probe thermometer to make sure your meats are at a safe temperature to eat before you remove them.

* Winter weather is perfect for cold smoking; the outside cold helps keep a cooler smoke temperature to get the hardwood smoke flavor to permeate the food.

* Wake up early, throw some bacon on the Traeger, go for a walk then come back for a protein packed bomb breakfast side…or lunch, or dinner, or all 😊

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Happy winter grilling