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Terrafibre Hemp Animal Bedding

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please! Introducing the one and only Terrafibre Hemp Bedding, now strutting its stuff at Burns Feed Store! This magical bedding is a game-changer for all your furry pals, be it majestic horses or tiny rodents. It’s like a superhero cape – super absorbent, feather-light, and a master at banishing messes and funky smells. Say hello to a cozy, pristine, and snug living space for your beloved critters!



Absorbs 4x Its Own Weight

Hemp is 75% cellulose and a natural absorbent—the perfect material to keep your animal dry and happy. Yes, that’s right—four times its weight, compared to 2X for wood and paper products. This means you need to clean and change bedding less often.

Reduces Odors

When hemp bedding is used, urine goes straight to the bottom, keeping the surface clean and dry. Odors become trapped under the surface, reducing ammonia and other odors much better than wood chips or sawdust. Reducing odor helps control flies and makes a more pleasing environment for you and your animals. Perfect for a barn full of horse stalls or your backyard chicken coop!

Low Dust Means Improved Air Quality

Dust compromises the quality of air for your animal and can easily lead to breathing complications. Hemp bedding offers a low-dust environment, which is crucial for your animals’ health. It has air pockets and excellent heat retention properties compared to sawdust or pine shavings.

Biodegradable = Better for Animals and the Planet

Hemp bedding degrades faster than most animal care products such as wood shavings and sawdust. Perfect for your garden compost. Support sustainable farming practices and help create a larger demand for Hemp. The earth and economy will thank you for it.