Gardner and Bloom Organic Soil Products                                       

Spring is here, and with it comes warmer, sunny weather we home gardeners crave after a long winter. Many of us are beginning to buy seeds, bedding plants, garden tools, and soil products for our gardens. Burns Feed Store carries all of these kinds of garden items and more. A quality brand we offer is Gardner and Bloome (G&B) Organics soil products.  All G&B products are 100% organic. They are OMRI and OIM certified and USDA compliant for organic standards. G&B Organics is a family owned business (just like Burns Feed Store!), in operation since 1925. G&B always looks to source the best organic ingredients and produce their products locally whenever possible. Their products are made to be kind to families, pets, and the environment, with a commitment to sustainability. G&B Organics soil products will help you grow beautiful flowers, enhance your landscape, and produce a bountiful garden crop. Burns Feed Store carries G&B potting soils; several types of composted manures; raised bed soil mix; soil conditioner; worm castings; compost; top soil and other soil amendments.  We also have two types of their Swanson bark mulch. Please, come in to Burns Feed Store so we can help you select the right Gardner and Bloome soil product(s) to complete your garden project.