Slug and Snail Control Essential For A Healthy Garden

Slug and Snail Control Essential For A Healthy Garden

Slugs and snails are very active this time of the year in gardens and landscapes in the Willamette Valley.  They are an unseen destroyer of many herbaceous plants, bulbs, vegetables and small shrubs.  Generally slugs and snails are unseen during the daytime.  They feed from late evening to early morning, then rest in cool, moist spots under plants, mulch, soil and rocks.  Evidence of slug or snail activity and their feeding is quite visible.  You will see slime trails leading from tattered plant to tattered plant.  Left unchecked, they multiply and can overwhelm and destroy a garden.

The good news is that slugs and snails can be controlled easily with the right products.  Burns Feed Store carries many brands of slug and snail control products.  They come in liquid or pelleted forms with differing active ingredients.  Some are conventional and some are organic.  Burns Feed Store carries Corry’s, Deadline, Sluggo, Hi-Yield and Natural Guard brands. Come see us and let us help you select the best treatment to stop the slugs and snails in your garden.

Soil Testing at Burns Feed Store




Are you planning to fertilize your lawn, pasture or vegetable garden this spring?


Have you considered having your soil tested first in order to determine what type and how much fertilizer (and lime) to use for best results?


Call us about sending in your soil sample(s) for testing.


We use A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. in Portland for soil testing.  Basic soil testing costs $18.00 per sample and the USPS shipping charge is $7.15.  We have the information forms and soil sample baggies available whether you want us to send in your sample(s) or do it yourself.


Testing your soil helps ensure you get the best results for your investment in fertilizer and lime.