Tips for Turkey on the Traeger

Want to avoid a dry, bland bird?

Then you definitely want to be sure to brine your turkey before throwing it on the Traeger. We’ll cover how brining works, the different ways to brine your bird, and offer some pro tips that will help you cook your best turkey yet.

Traeger Pellets for thanksgiving roast

Essentially, brining your turkey infuses it with salt, which helps it retain moisture during cooking and also seasons the bird from within for maximum flavor. It’s the easiest way to ensure a juicy, flavorful turkey that’s worthy of headlining your feast.

There are two basic methods for brining—wet brining and dry brining. Wet brining involves soaking the turkey in a salt and water solution, while dry brining simply calls for applying a salt rub to the bird without any liquid. In both cases, salt is the essential requirement, but typically people add other flavorings including spices, herbs, citrus, sugar, and more to make the turkey even tastier.

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