Fall Fertilization & Liming Essential for Lawn Vigor & Health



Fall is right around the corner and many of us begin to focus on other projects at home rather than our lawns or gardens. However, fall lawn fertilization and liming may be the most important treatments your lawn can receive. Lawn winterizers are designed to promote root growth and development, and build disease resistance in the grass, while providing good color without stimulating much growth. Burns Feed Store carries the 20 lb. Fertilome and 16 lb. Bonide brand of lawn winterizers. They have similar ingredients and analysis, and both brands cover up to 5000 sq.ft. of lawn area.

Liming  your lawn is also a very important component of lawn health and vigor. Lime provides essential calcium to the grass, making it tougher, more resilient, and helping to enhance disease resistance. The most important role lime plays in lawn care is correcting soil pH levels in the soil.  The soils in our area are acidic. This limits nutrient availability to your lawn. Lime corrects this problem and is recommended at least one time each year for lawns. Burns Feed Store  has a pelletized lime in 50 lb. bags that spreads easily and is applied at 50 lbs. per 1000 sq.ft. of lawn area. We also have a new fast-acting pelletized lime in 25 lb. bags from Hi-Yield that is applied at only 10 lbs. per 1000 sq ft. of lawn area.

A lawn that receive a winterizer and a lime treatment in fall will be denser, healthier, and have better color when spring arrives next year. It will have more vigor, with reduced disease and moss problems. There will be fewer weeds and moss requiring treatment when compared to lawns that did not receive a winterizer and lime application. Come and visit us at Burns Feed Store. We have the experts to help you select the right products for your lawn that will help it over winter well.