Soil Testing at Burns Feed Store




Are you planning to fertilize your lawn, pasture or vegetable garden this spring?


Have you considered having your soil tested first in order to determine what type and how much fertilizer (and lime) to use for best results?


Call us about sending in your soil sample(s) for testing.


We use A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. in Portland for soil testing.  Basic soil testing costs $18.00 per sample and the USPS shipping charge is $7.15.  We have the information forms and soil sample baggies available whether you want us to send in your sample(s) or do it yourself.


Testing your soil helps ensure you get the best results for your investment in fertilizer and lime.

Spring Weed Control Can Be Most Effective

Spring Weed Control Can Be Most Effective

Spring has arrived and growing along with our flowers, shrubs and grass are a wide variety of pesky weeds.  Many of us will be outside to kill these herbaceous pests as soon as the rain stops.  Treating weeds with herbicides in early spring can be quite effective when done correctly with the proper product.  Springtime is when the weeds are growing rapidly, are tender and hence, are easier to kill.  Liquid herbicides work best when the weed is actively growing, temperatures are at or near 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the weed killer can dry completely on the weed.  Burns Feed Store carries many different types of herbicides to help you stop your weed problem.  We carry liquid concentrates, dry formulas and ready- to-use sprays for lawns, landscapes and pastures.  Pre-emergent herbicides are available to prevent future weed growth too.  Burns Feed Store can advise you on the best herbicides for your weed problem and how to effectively use it.  Come into Burns Feed Store and let us help you get an early, effective start to controlling the weed problem in your lawn, landscape or pasture.