Cold Weather Products Available at Burns Feed Store To Help Improve Winter Comfort

Cold Weather Products Improve Winter Comfort


Winter has arrived and the National Weather Service is predicting another cold, wet, and windy season for the Pacific Northwest. Burns Feed Store carries a wide variety of products that can help get you through this winter warmly, comfortably and safely. We have cold weather products for your home, farm, pets and livestock.

For You and the Home:

–Wood pellet fuel for pellet stoves.

–Rain gear, rubber boots, warm work gloves.

–Hi-Vis Bomber jackets (water proof, insulated, reflective).

–Ice traction grips for shoes, boots.

–Thermometers, rain gauges.

–O’Keeffe’s Working Hands crème, Body Lotion, Foot crème, and lip balm for dry, chapped, and cracked skin.

For Pets:

–Pet beds and pillows.

–Heated pet bowls, beds, and buckets.

–Bedding material: straw, wood shavings.

–Dog coats  xs-xxl (water proof, insulated, reflective).

–Super premium pet foods and treats.

–Collars, leashes, and health care products.

For Home and Farm:

–Ice melt granules, salt, and sand for sidewalks and driveways.

–Snow shovels.

–Faucet covers, pipe insulation, and pipe heating cable.

–Frost-free hydrants.

–Deicer sprays for windows and door locks.

–Electric utility space heaters.

–Wild bird feed, suet, and wildlife feeds.


For Livestock:

–Quality feed and hay, protein blocks, mineral supplements.

–Bedding materials: straw, wood shavings, bedding pellets.

–Equine blankets and turn-outs.

–Stock tank deicers, water warmers.

–Heated buckets and tubs.

–Heat lamps and heat (infra-red) bulbs.

–Heated poultry waterers, heated water bottles for small animals.

Please call or stop by Burns Feed Store to check out these great products. Our employees can assist you in choosing the appropriate items to get you, your home, farm, and animals through winter in a safe, warm, and comfortable manner.





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