Master Gardener Clinic

Master gardeners are educated in and are actively promoting sustainable garden and landscape practices that minimize the risk to human health and the environment. They have an abundant amount of resources to help you identify your horticulture problems.
You may bring in a particular insect and/or plant specimen for them to inspect. This will help them accurately diagnosis your issue.
Visit with a Master Gardener and receive a coupon for $5 off your purchase of plants/garden when you spend $30 or more. Coupon will only be valid Saturday, May 18th, 2019.


Gardner and Bloom Organic Soil Products                                       

Spring is here, and with it comes warmer, sunny weather we home gardeners crave after a long winter. Many of us are beginning to buy seeds, bedding plants, garden tools, and soil products for our gardens. Burns Feed Store carries all of these kinds of garden items and more. A quality brand we offer is Gardner and Bloome (G&B) Organics soil products.  All G&B products are 100% organic. They are OMRI and OIM certified and USDA compliant for organic standards. G&B Organics is a family owned business (just like Burns Feed Store!), in operation since 1925. G&B always looks to source the best organic ingredients and produce their products locally whenever possible. Their products are made to be kind to families, pets, and the environment, with a commitment to sustainability. G&B Organics soil products will help you grow beautiful flowers, enhance your landscape, and produce a bountiful garden crop. Burns Feed Store carries G&B potting soils; several types of composted manures; raised bed soil mix; soil conditioner; worm castings; compost; top soil and other soil amendments.  We also have two types of their Swanson bark mulch. Please, come in to Burns Feed Store so we can help you select the right Gardner and Bloome soil product(s) to complete your garden project.


Pruning Blueberries can Improve Yield

Annual pruning of blueberry bushes can provide a noticeable improvement in the quality and yield of the berry crop. Pruning should occur during dormant season, ideally from January through early March.  Blueberries pruned at this time can develop larger berries and produce a heavier yield. Plants that receive little or no pruning tend to have denser, weaker growth that has smaller fruit and lighter production. Over time, the plant may become unproductive.

Prune blueberry bushes moderately each year. Remove older, unproductive canes that have minimal growth from one year old wood. These canes will have a dull color and fewer buds developing. When pruning, remember that a blueberry plant develops flower buds near the tips of the previous season’s growth. These buds are large and plump when compared to a leaf bud. A leaf bud is smaller and somewhat scale-like. Prune out low growth and any other small shoots that have developed from the plant’s base late in the past growing season. Also, remove all deadwood, damaged or broken canes, and any insect or disease affected branches. Finally, prune to open up the center of the plant to improve light penetration and air circulation throughout the plant.

Following these suggestions should provide a healthier, more productive blueberry bush. The fruit will be larger, and of a higher quality, plus the plant should provide a higher seasonal yield we desire.

Dormant Spray and Pruning Season is Here

The start of a new year brings us the best time to complete winter dormant spraying, and fruit tree pruning. Dormant spray applications are an ideal treatment for almost all ornamental trees and shrubs, but especially for fruit trees. This treatment eliminates over-wintering insects and their eggs, plus it is very helpful providing disease abatement on plants too. Burns Feed Store carries dormant spray oil and copper fungicides in both organic and conventional forms. The oil and copper can be used in combination. The oil smothers all insects and insect eggs, and aids the copper fungicide in providing disease control. We also carry many different types of sprayers in several sizes that can be used to apply the dormant spray treatment.

Fruit trees should be trimmed each year as part of a regular maintenance program. The trees can be pruned now through late winter, up until bud break.  They will need thinning, sucker and deadwood removal, and some occasional height reduction. Burns Feed Store has the tools and equipment you need to complete the job.  We carry many types of hand pruners, loppers, saws, and pole-pruners.  Rakes, tarps, trash cans and trash bags are here to help with clean-up. Work gloves, rain gear, rubber boots, and safety gear is available if you need this to help you complete the work.  Please stop in and check out our product line for winter dormant spraying and pruning.  Our helpful staff can guide you in selecting the appropriate products and equipment you will need to complete your specific job.

E-Z Haul Carts

Are you tired of tipping over the single tire wheelbarrow? It’s time to make your job a little easier with an E-Z Haul Cart! The perfect balance of an E-Z Haul Cart will get the job done with less effort. These carts are built to last! They are made with the most durable components to handle big loads, regardless of cart size. The E-Z Haul Cart is available in three sizes with load ratings from 250 to 600 pounds. Sizes available at Burns Feed Store are:
5 1/2Cu.Ft. Garden Cart
8Cu.Ft. Utility Cart
11 1/2Cu.Ft. Jumbo Cart
Since 1986, the E-Z Haul cart has been manufactured in the United States, to provide cost effective service for new products and replacement parts. We carry a full line of replacement parts if you need to spruce up your old cart!
E-Z Haul Carts are Affordable, Durable and Versatile!