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Equine De-Worming

Fall is here in Oregon and pesky parasites could be reeking havoc on your horse’s overall health.

While we suggest de-worming your horse regularly it may not be necessary. Equine owner’s should consult their veterinarian to see which program best suits their horse’s needs and health.

There are many factors that come into play when considering de-worming your horse like exposure, health history, age, environmental and of course… is there really a need?

How do I know if my horse needs wormed?

Talk with your vet. Many times you can save yourself time, effort and money by submitting a simple fecal sample to your vet’s clinic. This will give you the best treatment plan.

Once you and your vet have established what it is you should be treating, you can find almost any product here at Burns Feed Store to help your horse live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Call your vet, then come see us!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

E-Z Haul Carts

Are you tired of tipping over the single tire wheelbarrow? It’s time to make your job a little easier with an E-Z Haul Cart! The perfect balance of an E-Z Haul Cart will get the job done with less effort. These carts are built to last! They are made with the most durable components to handle big loads, regardless of cart size. The E-Z Haul Cart is available in three sizes with load ratings from 250 to 600 pounds. Sizes available at Burns Feed Store are:
5 1/2Cu.Ft. Garden Cart
8Cu.Ft. Utility Cart
11 1/2Cu.Ft. Jumbo Cart
Since 1986, the E-Z Haul cart has been manufactured in the United States, to provide cost effective service for new products and replacement parts. We carry a full line of replacement parts if you need to spruce up your old cart!
E-Z Haul Carts are Affordable, Durable and Versatile!