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Equine De-Worming

Fall is here in Oregon and pesky parasites could be reeking havoc on your horse’s overall health.

While we suggest de-worming your horse regularly it may not be necessary. Equine owner’s should consult their veterinarian to see which program best suits their horse’s needs and health.

There are many factors that come into play when considering de-worming your horse like exposure, health history, age, environmental and of course… is there really a need?

How do I know if my horse needs wormed?

Talk with your vet. Many times you can save yourself time, effort and money by submitting a simple fecal sample to your vet’s clinic. This will give you the best treatment plan.

Once you and your vet have established what it is you should be treating, you can find almost any product here at Burns Feed Store to help your horse live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Call your vet, then come see us!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Weaning Beef Calves

You are what you eat, so are your calves!

Proper nutrition from the start can equip a calf’s immune system to better handle weaning time stress. A good starter food can encourage calves to continue eating, maintain a strong immune system, and performance. All of this is very important when choosing a good feed. We have you covered!

Calves are on pasture with their dams where life is good. Suddenly, they’re faced with multiple stressors and challenges. Weaning calves typically includes shipping, commingling, processing, nutrition changes and sometimes swings in the weather.

Weaning calves are often hungry, meaning they tend to bawl for their dam. Bawling for extended periods can irritate a calf’s throat and potentially lead to respiratory challenges.

These stressors, paired with a still-developing immune system, can ultimately lead to reduced disease resistance. If you can get calves eating quickly, they’re more likely to overcome stress and sickness.

Make sure you provide a palatable feed to get freshly weaned calves eating quickly. Use a weaning ration with proper nutrition and palatable ingredients.

We like to suggest Purina Stress Care 5 (22% protein). A 50 pound bag fed at the rate of 5 pounds/head/day (two bags per calf) for 20 days. This, along with good, quality forage can jumpstart strong, healthy calves! If your calves continue on grain support we suggest Purina Stocker/Grower (14% protein)

Burns Feed Store would be happy to help with feed guidance or other helpful tips when it comes to weaning your calves. Let’s make sure they are set up for success not stress!





Summer Boring Goat Products

Local owned operated Boring Goats has an amazing product for those of us who may have spent too much time in the sun. Their peppermint lotion with Jojoba is the magic moisturizer for cooling off skin.

Here at Burns Feed Store we sell this product and dozens more. If we had to pick a favorite, we could not. Stop in and sock up on some of the World’s finest, high quality, earth friendly goat soap products!

Goat Nutrition

A goat’s nutritional requirements depends on a lot of different things:

Life Stage


Available Forages

Weather Conditions

Production Goals

Parasite Load

In addition to high quality hay like alfalfa or orchard grass hays that we sell, we also offer the following grain and mineral supplements to help meet the nutritional requirements of goats.



Purina Goat Chow: Protein 16%, Fat 2.50%, Salt 1.25%

Purina Dairy Goat Parlor: Protein 16%, Fat 3.00%, Salt 0.75%

Purina Goat Grower R20: Protein 16%, Fat 2.00%, Salt 1.00%

Payback Boer Goat Developer R20: Protein 17%, Fat 2.50%, Salt 0.75%

Payback Champion Goat R20: Protein 18%, Fat 5.00%, Salt 1.25%


Blocks and Minerals:

Purina Sheep and Goat Block: Protein 20%, Fat 1.00%, Salt 14.00%

Purina Goat Block: Protein 18%, Fat 2.00%, Salt 12.00%

Purina Goat Mineral: Salt 32.50%

Now Introducing………… Payback Goat Tender With Kelp!

An economical product for goats that don’t require a high level of nutritional supplement.

Payback Goat Tender: Protein 14.00%, Fat 2.0%, Salt >1.00%