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5 Tips for Fly Season

Spring and summer, the beautiful, warmer seasons that tend to be most horse-owners favorite time of year, still harbors the headache of dealing with bugs. Whether you participate in horse shows, trail riding, or just finally getting to ride outside without extra layers on, it’s hard to argue that there is a better time of year for riding than in the spring and summer but dealing with flies can seem like a never-ending struggle.

So, how do you keep flies from bothering horses and what are the best ways to prepare for fly season? These top 5 tips will have you well on your way to preparing for fly season:

  1. Fly Masks – Flies will drink the fluid from the horse’s eyes. By doing that, they could leave parasitic worms that cause infected eyes. Masks also are beneficial for UV protection and dust. Masks with nose pieces can provide protection from the sun for sensitive, pink skinned horses. 
  2. Fly Sheets – Use of a flysheet can help eliminate bumps, welts, rashes or other skin irritation caused by biting flies and bugs. Additionally, some bugs such as mosquitoes carry diseases so protecting your horse from these bites can be very beneficial. 
  3. Fly Spray – Fly spray is used to keep flies from landing on your hose, especially during the warm summer months where flies seem to run rampant. Fly spray is especially important for days when you are riding your horse as flies can become a distraction and nuisance to both the horse and the rider. 
    1. All Natural Selections
    2. Waterproof/water resistant
  4. Mucking – Manure is a breeding ground for slides. Insects are drawn to wet areas where they eat and drink as well. Frequent mucking out and clearing damp areas can help keep your barn fly-free by eradicating the places flies lay their eggs. By storing your stables manure far away from the barn, you’re encouraging flies to move away and leave your horse alone.
  5. Fly TrapsThese traps are especially useful in areas where horses cannot escape bites, such as in small pastures or near riding arenas. Traps should be in sunny areas where they can be seen from the woods or marshy areas, and away from buildings or other obstructions that might interfere with fly vision. Sometimes effective placement requires a bit of trial and error. If traps are not successful initially, moving them just a few yards can increase trap captures. It is estimated that a trap can cover about 2 acres if properly placed.

Burns Feed Store carries everything you need to be successful in fighting off the flies. Stop in today to be prepared for when the heat hits.

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