Lawn Winterization

Garden departments such as ours, and most garden centers in our area have been promoting “Winterizer” for lawns through the Fall months. Many customers ask, “What is a lawn winterizer? Is it important for my lawn?” A lawn winterizer is a type of fertilizer blend that generally has a moderate amount of nitrogen, little to no phosphorus, and is relatively high in potassium. This would mean that the N-P-K (the numbers) on the front of the winterizer bag might look like, 12-0-15, or something similar.
A lawn winterizer is made to give the lawn a nice green color without stimulating growth. Most importantly, this fertilizer promotes healthy root development and builds disease resistance in the grass. Many people in the green industry consider the lawn winterizer to be the most important lawn fertilization of the year. A lawn receiving this fertilizer will be denser, greener, healthier, and able to withstand harsh winter weather with little damage. Lawns without this treatment will not manage winter conditions nearly as well.
Winterizer can be applied in conjunction with your annual fall lime treatment on the lawn. Applying each treatment the same day is generally not a problem. Lawn winterizer and pelletized lime can be applied from October through mid-December, as long as the grass is not frozen (frosty).
Stop in and pick a bag or two of our Winterizer lawn fertilizer if you haven’t applied this important treatment yet. We carry the Fertilome and Bonide brands of premium lawn Winterizer. Pelleted lime is still available too should you need it. Your lawn will thank you for the winterizer by looking green, dense, and healthy coming out of winter dormancy next spring!

Horses With Sugar Sensitivities

Horses today, in general, don’t work as hard as they once did, before cars and trucks. As a result of this they have developed a lot of the same problems as the typical American. They can develop a condition very similar to Type 2 Diabetes. It’s called Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or EMS, and it leaves tissues less sensitive to insulin, which in turn causes the pancreas to produce more of this vital hormone. One dangerous disease that often results from EMS is laminitis, also known as founder. Laminitis is the modern name for an old disease. The word refers to the weekend structures in a horse’s foot, the lamina, that results in this crippling form of lameness.
The consumption of too much starch/sugar stresses the digestive tract and can lead to colic or laminitis. High starch and sugar concentrates should be fed in limited amounts, especially to sensitive horses. The fiber your horse consumes is the most important part of their daily diet.

Early signs of Insulin Resistant Horse:
– Abnormal weight gain or weight loss
– Increased or excessive water consumption and urinating
– Loss of stamina and muscle tone
– Tendency to develop laminitis or colic
– Inflammation
– Abnormal fat deposits
– Excessive Hunger
– Depression and/or fatigue

In the rainy seasons, spring and fall, grasses can be triggering to sensitive horses. Once again, the grass turns brilliant green and starts producing sugars. Limit time and access to the grass during these times. Grazing muzzles, while out in the pasture, can be used to help prevent colic or founder for all horses.

Low starch options at Burns Feed Store:
– Purina
– Wellsolve L/S
– Enrich Plus
– Enrich Plus Senior
Triple Crown
– Low starch
– Lite
– Low carb Complete
– Low Carb Stage 1
– Low Carb Senior
– Gentle Balance
– (Lite) Low Fat/ Low Carb
– Safechoice Senior (No Molasses)

Burns also stocks horse treats that are low sugar and low starch. This disease can be both prevented or maintained to keep your horse living a comfortable life. Stop in and ask for recommendations for your horse if you are noticing any of these signs!

Northwest Naturals Raw Dog Food

Ever considered feeding your dog raw food?  Going back in time to before dogs were domesticated, they ate raw meat (as some ancestors of dogs such as wolves, still do today).  Feeding a strictly raw diet, or using raw as a topper on kibble can be extremely beneficial for dogs.

Raw food provides three essential benefits that cooked pet food cannot compete with:

Enzymes: Enzymes are a catalyst for all processes in the body such as cell growth and breaking down nutrients during digestion. Most food enzymes are essentially destroyed under the conditions used to cook and process food, leaving foods devoid of enzyme activity. Enzymes are denatured when heat is applied.

Amino Acids: Amino acids form the proteins that in turn form muscle tissue and increase fat metabolism. There are two types of amino acids; essential amino acids and nonessential amino acids. Dogs and cats cannot make essential amino acids and so must obtain them from raw foods.

Intracellular Moisture: Intracellular moisture, also called cytosol, is the liquid found inside cells. Intracellular moisture is the most effective way for your pet’s digestive system to break down and process their food. Without the moisture from prey animal cells, the digestive system has to work extra hard to complete the digestive process. When cooked, plant and animal cells lose this natural moisture.

Burns Feed Store carries Northwest Naturals who offers many varieties of nutritious diets including:

  • Lamb
  • Beef & Trout
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Chicken & Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Whitefish & Salmon

Burns carries a 6 pound resealable, easy-carry bag which holds individually quick frozen nuggets which weigh approximately .20 oz each, 80 to the pound (approximately 480 nuggets per bag). We also carry a 15 pound box which is a better value for those bigger dogs who eat more! The formulas are ground, formed and then quick frozen at -30° for 10 minutes.  Open the bag and pour the proper feeding amount into your dog’s bowl. The small nuggets will thaw quickly and are small enough for the tiniest dogs or puppies.

Another tip is once you purchase the bag or box and get home, take a few minutes and separate the appropriate amount of nuggets into small zip lock bags and place into the freezer.  Then the evening or morning before each meal, simply pull those bags out of the freezer and place them into the refrigerator. At next meal time, empty the pre-counted nuggets into the dogs bowl, already thawed, no counting or waiting needed.

Also check out the freeze dried diets and treats!!

Come on in and ask any questions you may have about feeding raw and Northwest Naturals, or visit their website at

Portable Pizza Oven – Gozney Roccbox

Pizza night just got that much easier with the portable Gozney Roccbox pizza oven. Roccbox, the world’s finest and original stone-floored portable live-fire oven has changed the pizza and outdoor cooking game. The easy-to-use 950 degree live-fire oven that cooks restaurant quality pizza in 60 seconds. This pizza oven is safe to have cooking while the party is going on because of its safe-touch silicone jacket. With the retractable legs, removable burners, and built in thermometer this pizza oven can go anywhere with you! Take this portable pizza oven to every tailgate, event, or backyard hangout and you are sure to be the favorite person there. Here at Burns Feed Store we have these pizza ovens in stock with all the handy gear that is available to purchase separately, including a wood loader, dough cutter, and short placement peel. Stop by the store to ask all the questions about this pizza oven and get ready to enjoy the taste of oven cooked pizza at your next event!