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Cattle Mineral and Fly Control, All In One!

With spring blooming in, so does the threat of grass tetany lurking around the corner. Cows find themselves in a high-stakes game of dodging grass tetany during this season, especially when the scene is set with overcast skies, chilly soil, and a buffet of rapidly sprouting cool-season grasses.

To the rescue comes Purina® Wind and Rain® Hi-Mag Mineral w/Altosid, swooping in to save the day by battling those sneaky magnesium shortages. Start offering this magical mineral 2-3 weeks before your cattle dive into the lush green goodness, ensuring they get their daily dose before the danger zone hits. Keep the mineral feast going for 60 days after the grass starts its growth spurt for maximum protection. Also, sprinkled with the the magic of Altosid Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) is an effective, economical and convenient way to control horn flies on pasture. When cattle consume mineral containing Altosid IGR it passes through the animal and into fresh manure where horn flies lay their eggs. The Altosid IGR breaks the horn fly life cycle by preventing pupae from developing into biting adult flies. The result? A reduction in horn fly populations to better support herd health and performance, resulting in more profit potential for you.

Available now at Burns Feed Store is the Purina Wind and Rain Mineral Tub w/Altosid! This is a 225# Tub with 14 essential minerals, high magnesium, fly control and weather resistant! All of this in one tub!! Effective ~ Economical ~ Convenient!