Don’t let weather impact calf development

More than 75% of fetal calf growth occurs in the last trimester, due in part to the rapid growth of a calf’s tissues.

For many beef producers the period of rapid development also coincides with extremely variable weather conditions that often include rain, wind, sleet and snow. These conditions not only put a drain on cows energy stores, but may also have adverse effects on the quality of your mineral sources.

Minerals play a critical role in calf growth and development, particularly during the final trimester. Mineral deficiencies can lead to small or weak calves, decreased milk production, reduced or later conception, and poor immunity, ultimately leading to reduced weaning weights. For instance, copper and zinc play a role in immune function, so if a cow is shorted on copper and/or zinc the calf could potentially have health issues later on. The challenge is to overcome the elements to meet the needs of the cow and her developing calf.

A balanced, weatherized mineral can be a solution to help address these challenges.

Burns Feed Store offers Purina’s Wind & Rain mineral products which are high quality, weatherized, balanced minerals to ensure both your cows and their unborn calves are receiving the trace minerals that they need for optimal performance no matter what the weather.


Loose minerals: All Season, High Magnesium and Fly Control.

Tubs: All Season 4 AVAILA 4, Accuration 25% Protein and Rangeland 17% Protein with Magnesium.